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A large list of funny and strange questions. -

Large list of funny and strange questions. Crazy thoughts funny things to ponder. Its fun to read them. - Read more

Men’s Bathroom Humor -

Men’s Bathroom Humor. A funny look at what goes on in the Men's public restroom - Read more

Hip hop animation videos of your favorite movies -

Watch musical parodies of famous movies such as Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, Spiderman, The Matrix, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, and more. - Read more

The Fart names list -

Create your own short animated films online, with no programming knowledge needed. Unleash your creativity and make your digital film for free! - Read more

Tongue Tied Tim -

An all amateur comedy blog with funny status updates and stupid awkward stories. - Read more

A huge collection of funny jokes -

The site that is guaranteed to make you laugh. We have a great collection of funny jokes, funny quotes, funny sayings, funny videos, funny pictures, funny comics and a bunch of other funny stuff. We also have a huge collection of new and exciting online games. Our staff is updating the site daily with funny content so please keep coming back - Read more

A break up letter generator -

Create a breakup letter instantly online - Read more

Hilarious Short Stories, Struggle Bus -

Hilarious short stories when you are bored, at work or anywhere else, brought to you by the Struggle Bus Team. Ride The Struggle Bus. - Read more

The Poop List -

A funny list of names for various types of poop - Read more

Funny & Inspirational Sticker Type Quotes For Your Site -

select from various designs and add free bumper quotes to your webpage or blog - Read more

Get Insulted Online -

A huge database of insults - Read more – List of Dumb Crimes -

A humorous list of stupid crimes committed by dumb criminals A funny list of real crimes committed by dumb criminals. - Read more - A List of Anagrams -

A list of anagrams, plus an anagram generator you can use to find all the possible anagrams for a word that you type in - Read more - Prank Phone Calls -

A huge list of prank phone calls you can listen to online | listen prank calls online - Read more

sillymess - the magazine of weird short stories -

Sillymess is an online magazine devoted to weird short stories. The purpose is to entertain, stimulate creativity, and make people laugh or just go "What the Hell?" - Read more

Clarence Worly's South East Idaho -

The brutal reality of an aging man trying to cope with a world he no longer understands. Interests include the human condition, all outdoors, college football and alternative country music. - Read more - Real Prank Stories - Real Prank Stories -

Read hundreds of great practical jokes people have played on other people and have fun get new jokes - Read more

Send an insulting rap song to your friends or enemies for free online. -

Email a free musical insult to one of your friends, enemies or family members, where it is personalized to actually say their name in the insult. Choose an insult below and you will be given a list of names to choose from to match the name of the person you want to insult - Read more - Automatic Complaint Letter Generator -

Automatically generate complaint letters online. Just tell us whom to complain about and the automatic complaint letter generator will do the rest. - Read more

Funny Jokes | Knock Knock Jokes -

We Provide you tons of funny jokes that makes you laugh! - Read more


The Evolution of Comedy

Comedy is weighed primarily on humor. Its comicality is what makes it distinct from all the other genres. Its focus is on individual stars and usually has a happy ending. It has lighthearted stories and the purpose is just to make the viewers laugh.

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