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Fart Humor, Fart Parody, Fart Videos, Fart -

Farty Time is a satirical site related to fart humor. It is not your typical raunchy, fart-in-a-can, whoopee cushion humor. Rather it is sophisticated fart humor for very smart people. Others might get it as well. - Read more

Business entertainer Steve Ryckier -

Steve Ryckier is a well-known Belgian voice imitator. He specialises in performing shows on company events. Examples of celebrities that are being imitated by Steve are Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. - Read more - Have Fun! - Read more

Comedy Writing, Melanie Reno -

Melanie Reno is a comedy writer and stand up comedian from California. Learn useful tips and great information about writing comedy and just plain being funny. - Read more

Virtual Nose Picking -

Pick a virtual booger and send it to your friends. Pick a winner! Pick yourself a virtual booger - Read more

Laughlines Murder Mystery Nights -

Whether you want to host a murder mystery party or attend a scary murder mystery dinner party, Laughlines has the skill and experience to make the event go with a 'bang', quite literally. Murder mystery parties from Laughlines are a thrilling experience. - Read more

Funny Youtube Videos -

The Funny Facebook Statuses Page also has Funny Youtube Videos posted on a weekly basis. The Funny Videos are posted on a weekly basis to have up to date funny videos on my site. - Read more

HankServo and the Jobots, Scifi, Comic, Robots, Antics -

Hank Servo and the Jobots is a comic strip series cataloguing interactions Hank (a self-aware robo-engineer) has with the other occupants of The Hive. - Read more

Don Rickles on Dean Martin Roasts: Frank Sinatra (1978 -

Don Rickles roasts Frank Sinatra on Dean Martin Roasts. Another classic roast by the Don! - Read more

Funny Quotes -

Funny Quotes Today offers the best funny quotes and sayings from movies, tv shows, and famous people. You can find anything from funny jokes, funny quotes, and just about any funny saying there is. - Read more

That Guy Picture -

A website dedicated to all the funny pictures of "That Guy". The guy who ruins the picture by jumping in the background. - Read more

We All Hate Something. Let's Hate Together -

It's easy to hate something. Funny too. It's even better to share that hate. Hate List is the place to go to share your hate. So, go on. Tell us what you hate. We'll probably hate it too. Hate List, we all hate something. Let's hate together. - Read more

Fun Founder -

As mum returns home with the new born baby from hospital and breast feeds the little baby, her 5 year old son Samuel joins her . . . . . . . . - Read more

Watch seinfeld Free Episodes online -

Watch all seinfeld Episodes online for FREE - Download OR Stream seinfeld videos on Demand. FREE Full Length seinfeld Episodes - Read more

First Escort Marketing -

First Escort Marketing, formerly known as First Escort Designs, was formed in 1999 as the first dedicated online marketing and search engine optimisation agency in the UK specialising in the entertainment industry. - Read more

funny sms -

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Hypnotist show -

Kev Bee is an amazing stage hypnotist voted top uk stage hypnotist 2010 (as voted for by his little boy Jacob). A great act available to hire. - Read more

Funny Pictures -

Watch Funny videos-pictures, jokes, funny games, comedian videos online at one stop.. - Read more

Bragging Jackass -

Highlighting people’s superiority complex. We stockpile the ridiculous, one brag at a time. Boasting at its finest - Read more

Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Free Games, Jokes, Animations -

Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Games, Funny Animations, Funny Images, Fail Pictures, WTF, OMG Pictues Updated Daily. - Read more


The Evolution of Comedy

Comedy is weighed primarily on humor. Its comicality is what makes it distinct from all the other genres. Its focus is on individual stars and usually has a happy ending. It has lighthearted stories and the purpose is just to make the viewers laugh.

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